Committed to Broward County

Steve's Record

After two decades leading the charge for important reforms in Tallahassee, Steve Geller has committed himself to moving Broward County forward as County Commissioner for District 5.

Public Safety

  • Supported investments in a new public safety radio system that improves response times to 911 calls
  • Supported Broward County’s lawsuit challenging the state’s preemption law on gun safety
  • Promoted common-sense gun safety measures like waiting periods and universal background checks to protect our community

Economic Growth

  • Expanded apprenticeship programs in the skilled trades to create new job opportunities for young people
  • Helped set up the Alan B. Levan NSU Broward Center of Innovation to support entrepreneurs
  • Proposed a new plan to increase affordable housing by building along transit corridors
  • Helped build a strong economy for the next generation of families in Broward County

Standing Up for Our Children

  • Championed and successfully passed legislation to ensure insurance coverage for autism treatments
  • Initiated groundbreaking carnival ride safety regulations following a tragic accident, significantly enhancing public safety and setting a national precedent

Home Rule

  • Traveled to Tallahassee every year to defend home rule and fight preemption laws that prevent our local government from passing useful legislation
  • Earned recognition from the Florida Association of Counties and the Florida Association of Cities for his work protecting home rule

Supporting Our Jewish Community

  • Helped pass a resolution condemning the boycott-divestment-sanctions movement
  • Facilitated Broward County’s purchase of Israel bonds
  • Led the charge against AirBnB when they refused to list some properties in Israel
  • Been a steadfast supporter of Broward’s vibrant Jewish community