Committed to Broward County

Steve's Priorities

Steve Geller is a dedicated County Commissioner who has tirelessly served Broward County and its residents. His remarkable accomplishments span multiple critical areas, reflecting his unwavering commitment to making our community better every day.

High Paying Jobs

Steve Geller’s leadership has been instrumental in creating high-paying jobs in Broward County. As the chair of a Building Trade working group, he has united unions, contractors, vocational schools, and more to bring lucrative employment opportunities to our community. Steve’s efforts have revitalized the local film industry, providing residents with well-paid positions. He understands the importance of fostering vocational jobs that cannot be outsourced or replaced by AI technology.

Water and Resilience

Addressing pressing water issues is a top priority for Steve Geller. He has successfully advocated for critical initiatives like converting septic tanks to sewer systems to prevent contamination of our drinking water and combat flooding caused by sea-level rise. Steve emphasizes the urgent need for Congress to allocate funds to repair Broward County’s canals, preventing further damage and safeguarding our environment.

Affordable Housing

Steve Geller is deeply committed to promoting affordable housing solutions in Broward County. He has passed an amendment allowing residential housing on existing commercial properties while protecting our residential neighborhoods. Steve recognizes the importance of ensuring housing affordability in our community.

Cultural Enrichment

As the County Commission representative to the Cultural Council, Steve Geller has secured increased funding for cultural arts, attracting large corporations and enhancing our cultural landscape. He is also spearheading the establishment of a new Cultural Arts facility in West Broward, further enriching Broward County’s cultural offerings.

Regional Planning and Law Enforcement

Steve Geller is actively involved in regional planning councils, working to address critical regional issues. He is a staunch supporter of law enforcement funding and understands the vital role they play in ensuring our community’s safety.

Steve Geller is the Chair of the South Florida Regional Planning Council, helping to address critical regional issues. A strong supporter of recycling, Steve has raised questions about attempts to put an incinerator in Pembroke Pines.

Home Rule

From his time in the State Legislature to his work on the County Commission, Steve has been a tireless champion for home rule. He currently chairs the Florida Association of Counties Community and Urban Affairs Committee, where he has always been a staunch advocate against Tallahassee’s overreach.