Could you drastically reduce your property taxes?

FORT LAUDERDALE – Ann and Warren Whatley bought their Fort Lauderdale house near the New River in 2016. 

Then they got the shock of their life when their tax bill arrived. 

“The county reappraised our property so our taxes jumped 50 percent,” said Ann Whatley. 

They went from paying $20,000 a year to $30,000 a year in property taxes.

“It’s crazy, ridiculous,” she explained. 

It’s a feeling shared by a lot of Broward taxpayers.

Because although the county commission is holding the line on the millage rate in their proposed budget, property taxes are rising in proportion to escalating home values. 

On Tuesday, the Broward County Commission will take public comment on the proposed budget and then vote. The new budget will determine the taxes property owners will pay in 2023.

Most commissioners support holding the line on the ‘millage’ rate.  And there is little support for decreasing the millage rate. 

Commissioner Steve Geller says the increased tax money will be saved for a rainy day. 

“The majority of complaints are from people who say I bought the house and my taxes were one level, now I’m reassessed and I can’t afford it,” he says. 

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