Your Broward County Commissioner

Meet Steve Geller

Commissioner Steve Geller has been honored to serve on the Broward County Commission, with a strong commitment to improving Broward County's quality of life.

With over 20 years of serving his community, both in the State Legislature and on the County Commission, Steve has made significant contributions, focusing on critical areas like job creation, water management, affordable housing, and public safety. His advocacy for these issues has positively impacted Broward County residents.

As Chair of the Building Trade working group, Steve has spearheaded efforts to bring high-paying jobs to Broward County, addressing income inequality and boosting the local economy. He has also been a leader in water management, advocating for measures to combat sea-level rise and prevent flooding. Steve’s commitment to affordable housing and public safety further demonstrates his dedication to the well-being of Broward County residents. Additionally, he has championed arts and culture, advocating for increased funding and contributing to the establishment of a new Cultural Arts facility in his district, enriching our community’s cultural landscape.

Commissioner Steve Geller's extensive public service experience and unwavering commitment to Broward County make him a dedicated advocate and leader, working tirelessly to address the needs of our community.

Throughout his career, Steve has been a staunch advocate for children, including passing what at the time was the most aggressive Amusement Ride Safety Inspection program to save lives at amusement parks. He also passed the Senator Steven A. Geller Autism Treatment Act, which is the law that requires all Florida Large Group insurers provide coverage for treatment of children with autism.

Born in New York in 1958, Steve has called South Florida home for over half a century. He pursued his B.A. and law degree at Florida State University. Steve resides in Cooper City with his wife, Laurel, and together they have raised two grown children.

Commissioner Steve Geller’s passion for Broward County and his remarkable track record of public service make him a dedicated advocate for our community. As your Broward County Commissioner, he is committed to working tirelessly to improve the lives of Broward County’s residents.